Values and Visions

Hino believes strongly in its parent company's simple, but powerful, Corporate Mission: "To make the world a better place to live by helping people and goods get where they need to go - safely, economically and with environmental responsibility - while focusing on sustainable development."

As a Toyota Group Company, Hino is committed to KAIZEN ("continuous improvement") - not just of its products, but its internal and external relationships, too. By consistently working as a team - with employees, customers, suppliers, and communities - Hino believes each adds and receives more value.

Teamwork and continuous improvement require transparency. Hino is committed to open, consistent, and relevant communication with its teammates. Of course, the foundation for successful teamwork is simple: Respect for all business partners. Hino demands this of itself and expects it from others because, just like a Hino truck, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

It is a deep honor for Hino to share its values and vision with its partners.

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